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ARCHIPELAGOS is a band and a concept inspired by my personal research about Zygmunt Bauman’s thoughts on nowadays’ society ’s decadence. My main purpose is to represent some of the principals of Bauman’s thinking through music: the mathematical and rhythmic rigor of my compositions, influenced by Indian music studies (Carnatic music), and emblem of that kind of “Matrix” highly organized society which oppresses and controls individuals, is contrasted with moments of radical free improvisation (which symbolize the individuals rising up against pre-established social schemes), and moments predominated by a marked individualism of one or more members of the band (solo sections), who might eventually find a shared way of communication through collective improvisation. So, at the end, what this music tries to communicate is a positive message of solidarity and hope in the human kind, in which music turns out to be a way for people to stick together and to feel a sense of belonging to the same ARCHIPELAGOS.

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